PREANFA Multi-Silicon Stick

$ 2.50 $ 5.00



Multi-silicon stick is the optimum hardness for pasting nail stickers, nail seals, foils etc. By properly using two types of heads, you can stick closely the nail stickers and foils, you can stick them to the curves of the nails, so that you can transfer and paste beautifully, is a stick silicon stick. A side (※ refer to image) is suitable for transferring nail stickers and nail stickers, side B (refer to image) is suitable for transfer of foil etc. It is easy to handle, it is hygienic as it can be washed and used. The handle is a clear material, with a preamble logo. [Contents amount · remarks] Silicone length about 14 mm / width 7 mm / length of handle about 100 mm / total length of about 128 mm

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