PREANFA Pure domestic Strong butyl black 10g

$ 36.00


A high cost butyl glue that has a moderate viscosity and is easy to handle.
A soft finish after curing.
* A closed container is used. Please use after opening the mouth with the pin included at the beginning of the first use.
Item Name
【PREANFA】[Pure domestic] Strong butyl black 10g

■ Curing speed: Approximately 4 to 5 seconds
■ Complete curing time: Approximately 2 hours
■ Viscosity: 300mPa ・ s
■ Contents: 10g
■ Main component: Butyl cyanoacrylate


1. This product is for eyelash extension treatment.
Never use it if you have no knowledge, skills, or experience in eyelash extensions.
2. There is a risk of harm to your body if you handle it incorrectly.
In the unlikely event that the contents of this product come into contact with the human body such as skin or eyes,
Do not rub it and wash it immediately.
3. Glue for eyelash extensions uses cyanoacrylate adhesive as a raw material.
It may cause an allergic reaction when used.
If you are new to this product, we recommend that you perform a patch test.
4. If you feel any abnormality in your body during or after using this product,
Stop the procedure immediately and consult a specialist immediately.