PREANFA Strong Domestic B Glue Ⅱ 5g

$ 16.80


■ Curing speed: about 3 seconds
■ Complete curing time: about 2 hours
■ Viscosity: ★★★☆☆ 210mPa・s
■Capacity: 5g
■ Sustainability: ★★★★★ 95
■Country of manufacture: Japan
■ Hair salon recommendation

Enclosed in an aluminum pack with a zipper for convenient storage
* Store the glue upright.

[Expiration date] We recommend that you use up the product within 3 months even if it is unopened.
[Complete curing] *Complete curing time is about 40 minutes to 2 hours.
This difference consists of environmental and individual technical differences, pigment (carbon).
Cyanoacrylate, the main component of glue, has the property that the thinner it is applied, the better the adhesion and the faster the complete curing.
In addition, the complete curing of the part that protrudes from the adhesion part will be completely cured with a slight delay.
In terms of time, since it is an instant adhesive, it will harden in a few minutes.