$ 237.60


[Product number / color] LXIACYCL-18WR

The lightweight, high-power, backflow-free Lexia Cyclone is
an economical nail dust collector that has a multi-layer filter that firmly adsorbs micro-nail dust and can be used repeatedly with a washable filter.
In addition to the improvement of the adapter part, the safety device switch of the part where the filter hits has been changed to dustproof specifications, and it has been
renewed to prevent dust from entering and to make it easier to use.
* Replacement filter sold for the conventional "Lexia Cyclone 18W" Can also be used for this product.
* The conventional "Lexia Cyclone 18W" adapter cannot be used with this product.
* External dimensions and product standards are unchanged from the conventional "Lexia Cyclone 18W".

Wind power: 2945 / min
Body size: W210 x D302.7 x H76mm
Weight: 865g
Body warranty: 6 months



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