PREGEL Peelablen Base 15g

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o sanding is required, and no gel remover is required when turning off, reducing the burden on your nails.
It lasts for about two weeks and can be easily turned off by simply peeling it off.
Almost no stickiness remains after removing the gel!
The soft texture makes it easy to apply.
Recommended for practicing gel nail tests and weekend nails!
Available in 2 sizes, 4g and 15g.

* Thin coating is recommended. (Appropriate amount is enough to make the surface smooth)
* Do not apply to the edge of the toes.

《Curing time》
Lexia Perfect / Lexia EX 36W: 30 seconds
Lexia HD 6W: 30 seconds
Lexia A 6W: 45-60 seconds
UV36W: 60 seconds








Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30-60 seconds Soak-off type

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