SHAREYDVA Stick Light 3W

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[Product number / color] 3W

It can be cured while pressing easy-to-float parts such as dried flowers and holograms!

Also recommended for French nails ♪ If

gel is attached, cure it and peel it off, or
gently wipe it off with ethanol.

* Silicon alone is not sold.
* Do not rub strongly or press the silicon part with a sharp object. It may cause cracks.

Body size: Length 10.8 cm x Diameter 3 cm
Weight: 57.4 g
Wavelength: Approximately 200-400 nm
Power consumption: 3W
Number of LED bulbs: 12
Batteries: AAA batteries required (sold separately) Usable
time: 20-40 hours * Batteries Depends on

Length 10.8 cm x diameter 3 cm 


Product code: 122223