SHAREYDVA Wireless Dust Collector Luft

$ 300.00


A dust collector that prevents dust from flying.
Suction power that can be selected in 2 ways Designed to be
and sized while having suction power so
that the wrist does not get tired even during long-term treatment.

It is also recommended for hygiene management.

■ Product
voltage: AC100-240V
Charging time: Approximately 3 hours
Maximum operating time: Approximately 3.5 hours
Rotation speed / power consumption:
Low: 24W

: 36W Weight: 703g

■ Size
W190mm × H225mm × D57.7mm

■ Accessory
replacement filter 15 Like
rinse the filter two

■ use the remaining memory
100%: 3 hours 75%: 2 hours 50%: 1 hour 25%: 30 minutes

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W190mm x H225mm x D57.7mm


Product code: 113806