Ann Professional Rechargeable Cordless LED Light White

$ 350.00

[Product number / color] White

■ Frequency: 365nm ± 405nm
36W LED: 365nm / UV405nm
■ Body weight 1000g
■ Type: LED
■ Power consumption: 36W
■ Timer: 10s (sound on / off) -30s-60s-60s (curing heat setting)
■ Bottom plate is magnet Easy to remove with formula
■ Voltage: 100-240V
■ Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
■ Output DC: 12V 3A
■ Rated power consumption: 36W
■ Sensor sound: Yes
 Sensor sound Initial setting is sound → 10s button for 2 seconds Press to to make no sound
■ Accessories: Light body, AC adapter
■ Warranty period: 1 year
■ Gel light bulb 27PCS365nm + 54PCS405nm
■ Estimated 180 minutes continuous use

Since the main body has a built-in rechargeable battery and is cordless, it can be used even in places where there is no power supply.
There is no need to consider the outlet position or length.
54 double light source LED chips, high-speed curing speed that shortens the treatment time, and even side and thumb irradiation. With a low heat mode, the heat of curing when applying gel nails is suppressed by gradually increasing the irradiation of the light from weak light.



200×218mm 1000g


Product code: 126719

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