Ann Professional Rechargeable Portable Nail Machine

$ 480.00



Lightweight and slim design, white and silver for a luxurious and fashionable look.
There is a power monitor on the surface of the main unit, so you can check the number of revolutions.
The handpiece is also lightweight and has an easy-to-grip curved design.
Comes with a gift: 132249Ann Professional Salon work basic bit set x 1
*Please use the charger that comes with the main unit.
Using a third party charger will damage the machine and the battery. Please note that it will not be covered by the warranty.
This product uses aluminum material to achieve compactness and weight reduction.
Also, due to the adoption of a high-power motor (maximum speed of 30,000 rpm), the hand piece may heat up if used at high speed for a long time.
Please understand the characteristics of the product before purchasing.
■Weight of main unit: 210g
Warranty period: 1 year
Accessories: *Hand piece stand, AC adapter. Gift product
■Warranty period: One year
■For repair details, please see below.
Rotation speed 0 to 30000 rpm, with forward and reverse rotationBody 70 x 130 x 30mm, 210g, Hand piece: 115mm, 114g

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