INITY High-End color EN-04G Shushu 3g

$ 8.30 $ 16.50


[Product number/color] EN-04G Shushu

Coloring/Color/Coating comfort
High-end color filled with new brilliance

Color gel that has become much easier to use The high-end color has a significantly
improved level of usability compared to the color gel of Initi until now.

-Any amount of color develops firmly with a small amount of color, and color growth is good
-Smooth salon work with textures and colors that match the usage for each purpose-From
colors that are easy to use in salon work and colors that are fashionably decided Complete color variations

Pink, which is familiar to the skin, and pink, blue, and white glitter colors


[Contents and Remarks] 3g


Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds G

Product code: 113185

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