Kimagure Cat Foaming Gel Natural

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[Product number/color] Natural

Kimagure Cat Foaming Gel. If you have this, you can make the length very easy. The sculpture made with the special brush and the special tip is short. Simple. Even those who are not good at length can easily perform the treatment.

[How to use

applying color gel Base gel→Forming gel→Shaping sanding→Base gel→Color gel→Top finishing

●When finishing with only forming gel without color gel Base gel→Forming→Shaping sanding→Top Finish (Cangel is also acceptable) *Cangel finish is possible due to its strength.


2019/04/01~ Price reduction 

[Contents/Remarks] 30g


Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds

Product code: 100863

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